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Residential Hardwood Floors in Wytheville, VA

Residential Hardwood Floors

Wherever you call home, Duncan's can make the hardwood floors more beautiful. New construction; pet stains; blending in floors in add-on rooms. We are happy to help with all the challenges of residential hardwood floors.
Commercial hardwood floors in Blacksburg, VA

Commercial Hardwood Floors

From office, to retail, to veterinary practice, Duncan's has the hardwood floor solutions for lasting beauty in your commercial space.
Hardwood floor installation in Wytheville VA

Install Hardwood Floors

We install every wood flooring from prefinished, floating, engineered, to traditional solid hardwood flooring.
Hardwood Floor Repair in Wytheville, VA

Repair Hardwood Floors

Whether it's pet stains, scratches, dents, scuffs, or water damage, we can repair your hardwood floors to their original strength and beauty.
Hardwood floor refinishing in Floyd VA

Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Our team will bring your floors back to life. Sanding your floors with our dust containment system means no mess in your home.
Repair Hardwood Floors in Wytheville, VA - Before


Repair Hardwood Floors in Wytheville, VA - After


Refurbish Hardwood Floors in Wytheville, VA - Before


Refurbish Hardwood Floors in Wytheville, VA - After


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Affordable to Custom to Exotic

Duncan's Hardwood Floors installs every hardwood floor from affordable solutions to exotic. We can install floors with exotic woods such as Brazilian Cherry and rare species of wood. Duncan's can do inlay floors, borders, and framing. Logos can be saw cut or laser cut for finer detail and then built into floors for businesses or sports fan rooms. Logos of all sorts can be painted on floors after sanding and adhered in other fashion and then clear finished with the rest of the floor for a seamless logo in fraternities, gymnasiums, restaurants, etc.